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What are APMs?

Advanced Porous Materials (APM) are an emerging technology whereby materials are engineered to have micro-, meso- or nano-porous structures within a framework or skeletal construct. These pores are typically filled with liquid or gas while the framework can be organic, inorganic or a hybrid of the two. These materials have the potential to address many global challenges in areas such as energy, environment and health. Super-insulation, nano-filtration and energy storage are just some of the applications that have already been developed by our members. The potential for further progress however, remains enormous.

A Professional Association

The Advanced Porous Materials Association was founded in 2017. Following the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) development of the EBC Annex 65 document that focused on Super Insulation Materials, it had become apparent that there existed a growing area of interest in the potential of advanced porous materials. Consequently, a group of leading manufacturers agreed to create a global professional association to encourage dialogue and interaction between manufacturers, resellers, researchers and other professionals interested in or concerned with this exciting field.