The Advanced Porous Materials Association represents companies, institutes, universities and their members, (as defined in the membership categories) in the emerging product segment of Advanced Porous Materials.

Our common aims are

  • building confidence in the end users markets for advanced porous materials
  • addressing hurdles during commercializing advanced porous materials as new material class
  • developing and growing the global market potential for advanced porous materials

All members of APM-Assoc. are aware of their responsibility and act accordingly. Any members are at liberty to introduce and implement stricter practices than those established by this code of conduct.

This Code of Conduct is the basis for membership of all members of the Association. Each member on its own is responsible for compliance with the principles enshrined in this code of conduct and for taking any measures necessary in accordance with.

The integrity of the Association is of high importance in order to reach our common aims. Therefore the associations as a whole as well as any members must adhere to our compliance standards.

We therefore expect for every member to comply rigorously to:

  • all applicable laws
  • fundamental international standards, policies and guidelines
  • good internal and external conventional etiquette

In particular all individuals, company and institutional members of the Association guarantee to:

  • follow human rights, labor and social standards
  • protect environment, health and safety
  • comply with antitrust laws
  • respect intellectual property
  • refuse corruption
  • use the Advanced Porous Materials Association only to pursue the aims and goals of the Association as stated in the Association statue

Every single member of the Association is entitled and requested to implement this code of conduct