• Networking opportunities: the chance to connect with APM technical experts, academics, peers and industry leaders, through direct contact, online forums, conferences and seminars.

  • Share data and learn more about how people are using Advanced Porous Materials. Discover opportunities for new applications and the latest R&D.

  • Contribute to and influence the establishment of global standards for conformity, health & safety and performance of APMs within the industry.

  • The right to use the Advapor logo on your communications and marketing materials. We encourage members to use the Association Logo to highlight their involvement. The logo is for use only by current members.

Apply Now

If you would like to apply to become a member of The Advanced Porous Materials Association, please fill out the following form. Your application will be considered by the board of the association at the earliest opportunity. We will endeavour to respond to your application as soon as possible.

The Advanced Porous Materials Association offers active membership based upon 4 categories, the 4 categories reflect the various layers of interaction within the industry. Membership shall be determined by the Board of the Association and confirmed only against full payment of annual membership fees. Please select your required category below:

A manufacturer must be a company or juridical person in commercial production of an Advanced Porous Material. Commercial production is defined as operating an Advanced Porous Materials manufacturing facility having an established customer base with repeat business and an annual revenue of greater than € 5,000,000.  Membership Fee for Category 1 is set at € 5000 pa

A Start-Up manufacturer must be a company or juridical person at the early stage of commercial production of an Advanced Porous Material. Early stage commercial production is defined as operating an Advanced Porous Materials facility and being in the process of establishing a customer base and having an annual revenue of less than € 5,000,000. Membership Fee for Category 2 is set at € 1000 pa

A system provider or user of Advanced Porous Materials must be a company or juridical person commercializing or designing solutions based upon Advanced Porous Materials. A solution can be a commercial solution (such as an insulating daylight window component) or a design concept (such as an architectural or industrial specification). Membership Fee for Category 3 is set at € 500 pa

This category is offered to members of institutions actively involved in the research, development or testing of Advanced Porous Materials, consultants involved in technical advice closely related to Advanced Porous Materials, and to associations active in related fields. Membership fee for Category 4 is set at € 500 pa

See Code of Conduct and Anti-trust Compliance Statement. By submitting this form you agree, should your application be successful, to pay the annual membership fee as stated above, under "Requirements & Fees", within 30 days of the request for fees.
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